Message from Management

Message from Management

The job of the crime prevention officer has a variety of duties and goals throughout their position. They work as a liaison between community members and the law enforcement community, as well as educating community members and sometimes playing the role of an Information specialist. This specialist must have excellent mannerisms that will promote a sense of safety, mutual respect and even friendship between D35SI and the community they serve. To become a crime prevention officer, you must have at least 250.0 training hours or 3 years Security Services experience. Some type of criminal justice related field, such as criminology or sociology and experience is preferred. 


Certificated in a criminal justice related field is preferred but not mandatory, or not less than 3 years in the field of law enforcement or Commissioned Security Officer be qualified for the job of the crime prevention officer.

Crime Prevention Officer

The job description of the crime prevention officer will vary depending on the specific assignments.

High crime areas may have a crime prevention officer who has the specific job to support peace and civility throughout the community, offering help to the community to prepare and organize neighborhood watch programs, and simply making their appearance known throughout the community.

Since if most criminals know that there is an officer around, they will not try to commit a crime.

This Prevention Specialist should not try to be the police nor infer he or she is in anyway associated with local, State, or Federal authority.

On the other hand, some rural communities with little crime may also have the neighborhood watch programs which an officer helps to implement, Studies have shown that when younger aged children have a friendly relationship with any person of authority; they are less likely to commit crimes later in life.

It is imperative that the specialist enjoys talking with people and has a friendly, but tough attitude to promote both friendliness and respect from the community members. Private Investigators Must hold a, Degree in any area of Criminal Justice, Fugitive Recovery Agents, or (Bounty Hunter) and Commissioned Security Officers may serve Warrants on behalf of a Bail Bonding Firms in Texas. 

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